How to Get a Great Butt

If you’ve ever walked into a room and noticed all eyes on that girl, the girl with the full, round, so-called “perfect” butt, then you’ve had a glimpse of the power of the booty. Aside from attracting a mate, a great butt is first and foremost for us – for our own self-esteem and self-confidence.

We’re supposed to love and accept our bodies exactly the way they are (and we do!) – but we also know that life is way too short to have a backside that doesn’t make us feel like the fun, sexy, attractive woman we are inside.

Constructing the butt of your dreams is not effortless, but it also doesn’t have to be very difficult if you know exactly what to do. One of the biggest problems with trying to grow your ideal butt is the dizzying amount of information available on the internet, coupled with the endless barrage of social media posts and Instagram photos. Many women don’t know where to start. Luckily, this is what we do best!

This site will help you navigate the immense knowledge base of diet plans and workouts by focusing on the key factors you need to get real results for your individual booty type. Forget squat challenges and hip dips and everything in between, and let’s just start at the very beginning. In order to know how to get where you want to go, you have to know where you are right now. Let’s begin with a brief discussion about genetics. Stick with me – this part is super important!


Genetics and Your Butt

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that their genetics are inescapable. They’re not. Your genetics are simply your “default”. Look around at the sedentary women in your family, because they are an example of what your body will look like if you don’t do anything to it. People complain, “Oh it’s my genetics, my genes, my mom, my grandma, my aunt…” and they use it as a pass to get out of trying, claiming they’re doomed to a certain shape or size because that’s what everyone else in their family looks like. This is an absolutely FALSE idea!

Genetics plays a role in metabolism, hormone production, and fat distribution, each of which contributes to hip shape and size, but it’s still only a small part of the equation. In the fitness world, we say that a person’s physique is comprised of 70% nutrition, 20% training and 10% genetics. Since the butt is made up of three large musclesyou can absolutely sculpt your butt into any shape you want through diet and exercise, even regardless of what types of butts the other women in your family are sporting. Sound like hard work? It is – but trust me – it’ll be worth it when you’re curving out that holiday dress like a lady boss.

Taking the time to understand exactly what your booty needs to get the shape you desire empowers you to workout smarter, not harder, to reach your goals. Going through this process will save you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration. To begin, let’s figure out what your present butt shape is so we can get to work re-shaping it, ASAP! 


Determine Your Current Butt Shape

To get a healthy, round, and shapely booty that you really feel proud of, you first have to determine what your current butt shape is. Choose your butt shape from one of the following four dominant shapes:

H-shape: You have a square butt, with full cheeks, prominent love handles, and noticeable indents at your hip bones.

O-shape: The bubble butt or round butt is the most desired butt shape in Western society. This is your classic American booty. If you have this shape, congrats! You’re likely reading this because you’re bored, or you want it to be even bigger, or you’re just looking to maintain what you have.

V-shape: You have a nice, powerful gluteus medius. You naturally use it to do a lot of everyday things while the rest of your butt just rides along underneath without contributing to your daily movements. This is also known as an inverted shape.

A-shape: You have a pear-shaped booty, with fat distribution throughout the lower half of your butt and excess fat around the outer thighs. 

Remember, even if you weren’t naturally blessed with a jaw-dropping booty, you can still achieve your ideal butt shape and size through focused dedication to diet and exercise. Now that you know which butt shape you have, let’s work on the plan of action necessary to begin molding your current situation into the best possible booty size and shape for you. 


Targeted Booty Exercises

The shape of your butt tells us which muscles are strong already, and which ones need to be further developed to fill out and shape your butt. As you begin strengthening, the underdeveloped muscles will begin to grow and your butt will gain volume in the areas you’re working to build. The types of targeted exercises you’ll need to do differs for each butt shape, so let’s clarify your exercise objectives based on your current butt shape: 

Note that these objectives will push you toward the Western ideal of an “O”-shaped booty. If your ideal differs from this, then you should not follow this plan. Instead, use your current butt shape to understand which muscles are nicely developed, and then decide which areas need to be filled out or scaled back to properly meet your butt goals.

H-shape: work to fill in your “hip dips” by strengthening your gluteus medius muscles. Burn fat with cardio and high intensity interval training to get rid of those “love handles” for a smoother line from thigh to abdominal area.

O-shape: your shape is great, so your goal is to train your butt from all angles with a variety of exercises to keep it toned, perky, and to build up even more volume. Rather than judge you for being greedy, we’re delighted by your fervid disposition.

V-shape: your goal is to build up your lower butt with exercises that target your glute hamstring tie-in Hip thrusts and hamstring curls will be an important part of your workout.

A-shape: lift and tone + build upper butt. Your butt naturally hangs low, so you need to work on lifting, toning, and burning excess fat with high intensity interval training to reduce the volume of your “saddlebag” areas. Isolate your gluteus medius and minimus during your workouts.


High Intensity Interval Training for Maximum Sculpting

The best type of cardio to build your butt is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This method of exercise preserves muscle tissue while burning away a lot of fat. HIIT can burn up to 500 calories within a very short period of time, typically 20 minutes. The tradeoff is that HIIT is no walk in the park. You will literally be working your butt off and finish drenched in sweat if you’ve done it right. Even so, 20 minutes of HIIT sure beats trudging uphill on a treadmill all afternoon.

Remember that just because HIIT is high intensity, doesn’t mean it has to be high impact. If you are a beginner or just starting back after a long hiatus from working out, you can still accomplish a very effective low impact HIIT session in a swimming pool, on an elliptical, or on a stationary bike. HIIT is all about exerting yourself hard for a short time, like one minute, and then resting and letting your heart rate return to normal before doing it again. It doesn’t matter how you achieve the exertion, as long as you are fully exerted.

While HIIT is all you really need to sufficiently (and quickly!) burn fat, sometimes it’s nice to throw one or two longer cardio sessions into your workout regimen each week. A couple of 20-30 minute cardio sessions per week is really all you need in your training regimen for a well-rounded butt. The most important thing when doing cardio is to focus your mental energy on engaging your glutes during the exercise. If you spend 30 minutes on an elliptical or walking uphill on a treadmill, squeeze your butt with each move to maximize your glute-building efforts.


Butt-boosting Nutrition Plan

If you want to mold a great butt, you have to eat the right foods at the right time and in the right proportions. This is actually quite simple: you will need a balanced mix of complex carbohydrates, “healthy” fats, and protein. Let’s discuss what this looks like.

Complex carbs are slow-digesting foods like apples, whole grains, beans, sweet potatoes, and anything that has a lower number on the Glycemic IndexThese foods help you lose weight by keeping your blood sugar at a steady level. On the contrary, simple carbs are fast-digesting foods like candy, soda, table sugar, and white potatoes. These foods have a higher number on the Glycemic Index and cause your blood sugar to fluctuate to extreme highs and lows, which contributes to weight gain. Your goal is to eat more complex carbohydrates and avoid simple carbohydrates as much as possible. If you must eat simple carbs, the best time to do so is immediately following a workout.

Healthy fats are essential for both a healthy body and a powerful butt. Olives, avocados, nuts, salmon, and cold-pressed oils are excellent choices and should be eaten as part of your regular diet. Choose these foods over inflammation-promoting fatty junk foods like chips, cookies, pie, cake, fried and fast foods.

Finally, lean protein includes fish, shrimp, chicken, red meat, pork, eggs, and even protein shakes. You should include a portion of protein about the size of the palm of your hand with every meal. For examples, a good meal would be 4oz of baked skinless chicken breast, grilled veggies with hummus, and a cup of fresh blueberries for dessert. Check out one of our sample meal plans for more ideas.


Cellulite Help, Hydration, and Stretching for a Gorgeous Backside

In addition to targeted exercises, shedding excess fat and eating clean, there are three more things to be aware of as you embark on your journey to shape your ideal butt:

1. Cellulite. Having cellulite on your butt, thighs, hips, and abdomen is extremely common, and it’s also completely correctable in most cases. A regimen of dry brushing, exfoliation, detox masques, and replacing junk food with clean foods is enough to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite on any size body. Within weeks of starting this, you’ll notice a drastic difference in the appearance of your cellulite. Stick with it for a few months, and your cellulite can completely vanish. The truth is, you don’t need expensive cellulite creams or procedures to get rid of your cellulite. With our guidance, you can easily make everything you need to get a cellulite-free body right at home. Seriously!

2. Adequate hydration. Strive to increase your water intake to the recommended 8 glasses per day. You could drink more depending on your activity level, but make sure you’re taking a multi-vitamin or electrolytes to replace minerals lost to perspiration. If plain water bores you, try one of our fun fruit water recipes.

3. Stretching. Taking the time to stretch after a workout not only builds long, flexible muscles, it also reduces injuries associated with exercise and is a vital component of your routine. Don’t skip it! Set aside 10-15 minutes after each workout to thoroughly stretch all of your major muscle groups. Never stretch muscles before they’ve been properly warmed up. The best time to stretch is after a workout or hot bath. You can also stretch after your workout if you’re going to be sprinting or participating in any other forms of intense exercise, or if you’re sore from a previous workout.


Body Confidence Now

It’s important to be realistic with what you can achieve in a certain timeframe. If you’re going after an impractical goal, you’ll likely end up disappointed, upset, and full of loathing when you don’t reach it. Don’t hold yourself mercilessly to ridiculous ideals and unrealistic expectations of perfection. Be nice and work to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. Most importantly, start enjoying your body today. Don’t wait for it to become whatever your idea of “perfect” or “acceptable” or “beautiful” is. 

Just as Molly Galbraith so eloquently pointed out in Cat Perry’s Muscle and Fitness Hers article – after posting an unfiltered photo of her “real” self to social media – loving yourself now doesn’t mean you put your fitness goals – or your life – on hold. Loving yourself now simply means you get to have way more fun reaching your goals because you’re not waiting to start living life until after you’ve reached them.

In other words, be confident, girl! A confident woman wouldn’t care too much about getting into the pool at a pool party, cellulite and all, if she felt like jumping in. She wouldn’t turn down a boat outing with friends because she feels fat or because she has cellulite on her thighs. She would go, and enjoy it, fully! Work toward becoming that fun-loving girl by worrying less about what you think you look like to others, and more about how you feel inside. Accept yourself exactly the way you are in this moment. Not only will you enjoy life more, you’ll also attract better people into your life and naturally transition yourself away from any toxic, soul-sucking relationships you may have.

The Bottom Line

Remember, your butt shape is not set in stone – it never was, and it is completely normal for your butt to morph into different shapes over time as your body goes through common stressors and life changes. You may have been one shape when you were a little girl, another shape when you were in college and a whole other shape after having a baby. Your butt can also change shape over the course of a few weeks or months. If you have a pear-shaped butt and then you pack on ten pounds over the holidays, you might find in January that your butt is H-shaped.

If your butt can so readily change shape without your conscious effort, how much do you think you could change the shape of your butt, if you really tried? By incorporating the right types of exercises and foods into your daily routine, you can mold the size and shape of your butt into one that’s round and full, and we are here to help and support you every step of the way.